What’s in your pack?

What’s in your pack? Once again winter conditions look set to return to Northumberland National Park this week.

So it’s worthwhile checking you’ve got the right kit in your pack before heading out.

In addition to your usual safety equipment, make sure you’ve got a survival shelter or bothy and a flask of warm fluids.

Having a spare warm layer that can go on under your waterproof or on top of it is a must. Hands got really cold and wet in snow, so our volunteers often carry 3 or 4 pairs of winter gloves. You’ll need really good boots for moving through snow and ideally, winter mountaineering boots with a full set of waterproofs.

Having a good head torch and making sure that your phone has charge on it for emergency calls is essential. You should be confident using a map and compass in poor visibility.

The high hills of the Cheviots can often be covered in a good depth of snow, similar to what you might see in the Cairngorms of Scotland. So, having an ice axe and crampons is definitely a good idea, depending on the conditions. You should be fully experienced in their use but more importantly you should have an understanding of route choice and at times, the potential for avalanches. Yes, we do get avalanches in the Cheviots.

It’s always a good idea to leave a route card with some at home and start small, especially if this is your first foray onto winter hills.

For more information, follow the adventure smart guidance https://www.adventuresmart.uk