03 May 2023

A multi-agency search involving Northumbria Police, the National Police Air Service HQ and Mountain Rescue was initiated earlier in the week for a high-risk missing person from the Scottish Borders. The individual was known to be in the Wooler and the search focused on the area to the northwest of the town towards Akeld, Yeavering and Milfield.

As Police and resources from North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves were being deployed to search woodland close to Wooler and the disused railway line, the Police helicopter sighted a ‘tent’ on the disused railway line towards Yeavering with a heat source inside. Resources were re-tasked and the missing individual was safely located.

A good outcome for all concerned.

Thank you to Border Search and Rescue Unit who were on standby in case additional resources were required.

The incident involved 15 members for 6 hours 15 minutes.