The Cheviots

12 September 2021

The third incident of the day involved two walkers who were reported lost in The Cheviots by a relative. From the initial information received it seemed the walkers had spent the night out having become lost the day before and then had failed to return to their vehicle after becoming lost again on Sunday.

With limited information the first task was to narrow the potentially extensive search area. Information on the walkers’ starting point and intended route was sought through the Police. PhoneFind texts were sent to the walkers’ mobiles and text messages requesting them to ring the Mountain Rescue duty controller or the Police were also sent. Unfortunately no response was received.

Police resources were also deployed to two of valleys in The Cheviots to try to located the walkers’ vehicle. Thankfully as the Mountain Rescue Teams were about to deploy vehicles to the other main valleys in The Cheviots to locate the vehicle, the Police confirmed that the walkers had returned to their car and were heading home.

The incident involved 4 Team members for 50 minutes.