The Cheviot

31 March 2021

Two walkers became disoriented in hill fog on The Cheviot yesterday evening. They had set off from the Harthope valley in Northumberland National Park earlier in the day in fine weather, but as they descended the highest hill in Northumberland the weather had closed in. Visibility was poor, the wind had increased and it had begun to rain.

The couple, both in their 20s, did exactly the right thing and dialled 999, asked for the Police and then requested Mountain Rescue. Northumbria Police then activated North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves. The exact location of two walkers was established using PhoneFind, which placed them at 600 metres above sea level on the eastern side of The Cheviot.

Team members in the Wooler area were swiftly deployed along with our Toyota Hilux and members from the Rothbury area. The hasty team made their way over Scald Hill to the walkers’ location, whilst our vehicle headed further up the valley to Langleeford Hope where the other members headed directly up to the walkers’ location.

The walkers were safely located at just after 20.00hrs. They were assessed and provided with extra layers of clothing to help them rewarm, before being walked off the hill to Langleeford Hope.

The incident involved 7 Team members for 3 hours 50 minutes. A further 23 Team members were on standby to respond if required.