Simonside Forest

17 July 2021

A female walker who had entered the Shepherds Walks’ Coquet Valley Challenge Walk unfortunately sustained a lower leg injury and was unable to weight bear. The accident happened on the footpath from Great Tosson up through Simonside Forest towards the main crag.

Given the location - drivable almost to the casualty’s location - a limited response was initiated. Two Team members with our Toyota Hilux deployed from Rothbury and were very soon on scene. After an initial assessment, the casualty was supported the short distance to the 4x4 vehicle before they and their friend were transported back to the event registration.

The female’s friend then drove the casualty to hospital for further assessment. We wish the casualty well and hope that they will be back out enjoying the Northumberland countryside very soon.

Thank you to the event marshals who cared for the walker before our arrival.

The incident involved 3 members for 1 hour 35 minutes.