Sewingshields Crags, Hadrian’s Wall

03 September 2021

A female fell sustaining an injury their upper body while walking along Hadrian’s Wall above Sewingshields Crags on Friday afternoon. Unable to move their walking companion requested assistance.

North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves responded following a request from the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Two 4x4 response vehicles were swiftly deployed alongside our volunteer members.

Two members from the Tyne valley area arrived on scene within 40 minutes and completed an initial assessment of the casualty’s injuries. They were then joined by another member and the Community Paramedic in their 4x4. Having made the casualty as comfortable as possible, with assistance they were transferred to the Paramedic’s vehicle and carefully driven down to Sewingshields farm.

Initially it was thought that a 1km stretcher carry to the farm might be required and had the casualty not been able to travel in the Paramedic’s vehicle, all the responding members would have been required for the evacuation.

By just after 14.00hrs, the casualty was transferred to a NEAS crewed Ambulance for onward transport to hospital.

The incident involved 16 Team members for 3 hours.