Score Head

21 June 2024

Incident Type: Rescue

As our volunteers were drifting off into a deep sleep, Border Search and Rescue Unit (BSARU) alerted North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves for an incident on the border ridge. A competitor in the Montane Spine Race had sustained a leg injury and was unable to weight bear. The competitor was, unfortunately, high up in the Cheviot Hills, in one of the most remote and difficult to access locations on the entire route.

A cross-border response then ensued with the Mountain Rescue Teams south of the border approaching from Upper Coquetdale and the Team on the north side of the border from the Bowmont valley.

Our hasty party was first on scene and following a handover from the Spine Safety Team, two of our Paramedics provided medical care. The vital rescue equipment was carried in by our Scottish colleagues. Once the equipment was on scene, the casualty was packaged on a stretcher and wheel attached for the 3.5km evacuation back to the vehicles at Hexpeth Gate. After the long and arduous stretcher carry, the casualty was transferred into a Landrover for the rough descent down to Cocklawfoot and the handover to the Scottish Ambulance Service.

A successful rescue, involving great teamwork, for one very unfortunate competitor.

Despite the sleep deprivation, our members enjoyed the glorious conditions on the hill, which is more than can said about the midges in Uswayford forest!!

The incident involved 22 Team member for 7 hours 15 minutes.