Score Head, Pennine Way

22 August 2021

Two walkers were reported overdue last night by their wives when they didn’t turn up at their accommodation in Byrness. Northumbria Police alerted North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves and requested our assistance in locating to the walkers.

Initial information was limited with the walkers reported as being south of ‘Crooked Sike’ approximately 7 hours previously. Local knowledge, a search of the map and then further information from the Police confirmed the walkers were near Score Head on the Pennine Way, south of Crooked Sike which is on the north side of the border.

Given the walkers intended route was along the Pennine Way to Byrness, the Border Search and Rescue Unit were alerted. As initial search plans were being prepared, the walkers made contact with the owner of the accommodation and confirming they were fine and only a short distance from Byrness. At this point the Teams were stood down and the Mountain Rescue duty controller awaited confirmation that the walkers were safely off the hill. By 23.30hrs both walkers safely reached their accommodation and passed on their thanks for our support.

A well intentioned incident with the walkers’ wives doing exactly the right thing by raising the alarm. We’d also like to thank the owners of the Forest View Walkers Inn in Byrness for their support.

The incident involved 4 Team members for 2 hours with a further 12 members on standby should they be required to deploy.