29 January 2022

In the midst of Storm Malik and as Team members were travelling to the College Valley for a training exercise, they came across a RTC on the A697 north of Powburn. Due to the high winds, a number of large branches and trees had fallen onto the main road. Team members had already stopped to remove branches from the road when a car crashed into a fallen tree.

Consequently they were on scene very swiftly and whilst one of our blue light vehicles safeguarded the scene, members assessed the occupant of the car and cleared the road of debris. Despite the significant damage to the car, the occupant escaped without injury.

Members then continued on their way to the College Valley for a windy day up on the side of Auchope Cairn practising stretcher management and handling. The exercise was based on an incident which occurred in the area last year. It was a very windy day, albeit the worst of the wind had passed through before we were up on the hill.

The incident involved 1 Team member for 3 hours. A further 6 Team members were involved for 30 minutes.