Archives: Rescues

Fontburn Reservoir (92)

20 June 2021
An individual who had been walking with their family around Fontburn Reservoir sustained a lower leg injury and was unable to weight bear. Due to the...

Ninebanks (89)

14 June 2021
The Mountain Rescue Teams were tasked again by the Ambulance Service yesterday afternoon for an individual who had sustained a lower leg injury. Due t...

Kielder Forest (86)

12 June 2021
The Mountain Rescue Teams were activated by North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust on Saturday for a medical emergency in Kielder Forest. A...

Cawfields, Hadrian’s Wall (85)

10 June 2021
A walker, who was part of a group of students, sustained a leg injury whilst on Hadrian’s Wall near to Cawfields Quarry. The group leader dialled 99...

Rowlands Gill (83)

09 June 2021
Northumbria Police requested Mountain Rescue’s assistance to search for a high risk missing person in the Rowlands Gill area. After a search strat...

Crammel Linn, near Gilsland (80)

04 June 2021
No sooner had the Mountain Rescue Teams been called for the wildfire incident, North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust activated us for an i...

Kyloe Wood, near Lowick (79)

04 June 2021
Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service requested logistical support for a wildfire which had started in Kyloe Wood to the north of Belford. Given the ...

Breamish Valley (77)

01 June 2021
As the evacuation was underway at Kielder, the Teams received a request for assistance from Northumbria Police. A child had been reported missing in t...

Kielder (76)

01 June 2021
A cyclist sustained a lower leg injury when they came off their bike in the Kielder area. Due to the difficult to access location on a trail in the fo...

Steel Rigg, Hadrian’s Wall (75)

31 May 2021
A female walker sustained a lower leg injury whilst walking along the Military Way near Milecastle 39 on Hadrian's Wall. A Northumberland National Par...