Northumberland County

01 December 2021

The Team was once again providing support to the rural communities of Northumberland in the aftermath of Storm Arwen. While our primary role is to provide an emergency search and rescue service, we have been working very closely with partner agencies to ensure our communities remain safe and those in need of help receive the support they require.

Alongside Northumbria Police, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, Northumberland County Council, Northumberland National Park and Northern Powergrid, our efforts focused on the Upper Coquetdale and Wooler areas. The response in both areas being ably coordinated by the local councillors.

Welfare checks were undertaken at properties up the Coquet valley beyond Alwinton, including at one of Northumberland’s most remote farm houses, Uswayford, and at Kirknewton, Kilham, Mindrum and in the College Valley. Information about the availability of hot food was also provided to residents who have been without power for nearly a week now and water delivered to those whose supply has been affected. At one property, our Team members helped to fill the elderly couple’s coal scuttle and lit their fire.

The importance of the ongoing welfare checks was highlighted by a number of vulnerable residents being admitted to hospital.

Many of our volunteers involved over the past few days live in Coquetdale, Wooler and the surrounding areas and have themselves been affected by the Storm Arwen, with some still without power at their own homes. True community spirit.

The incident involved 7 Team members for 9 hours.