01 April 2023

Two incidents in quick succession on Saturday, here are details of the first…

Northumbria Police sent a PhoneFind to a lost walker with her dog last night at 20.54hrs. A few minutes later the Police activated Mountain Rescue with a request for assistance. From 999 call the Police were able to provide eastings and northings of the walker’s location. The location was then confirmed by the PhoneFind fix.

With no Police resources immediately available, the Team agreed to deploy its response vehicle from Rothbury. By this stage the walker was on the road between Rothbury and Scots Gap. The lone walker and her dog were duly located on the roadside – cold, relieved and slightly embarrassed by the whole affair!

The walker and her dog were transported back to her vehicle at Lordenshaws car park and their journey home, slightly later than planned. They had intended to follow the way marked routes in the Simonside area but became a little disoriented late in the day.

All ended well.

The incident involved 3 Team members for 46 minutes.