Limestone Corner, near Carrawbrough

16 May 2022

A member of an organised walking group sustained a lower leg injury whilst walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path on Monday morning. Northumbria Police requested North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves to respond.

Two 4x4 response vehicles on blue lights were swiftly deployed from their respective bases at Rothbury and West Denton. And as soon as the exact location of the incident had been confirmed Team members were called out.

Local members were on scene relatively quickly and worked with a North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust crew to stabilise the injured walker and assess the requirements for an evacuation. As other members and the two response vehicles arrived at the RVP near Carrawbrough, equipment was carried to the incident site.

The injured was placed in a warm winter weight casualty bag (or “fluffy pile sleeping bag’) before being transferred to a stretcher. The stretcher was then carried 300m by Team members along Hadrian’s Wall Path to the nearest road access point at Limestone Corner on the Military Road. At shortly after midday the injured walker was handed over to the crewed Ambulance for onward transport to hospital.

We would like to thank the walking group for providing care to the injured walker before our arrival and hope that the injured party makes a full and swift recovery.

The incident involved 14 Team members for 2 hours 15 minutes.