Kyloe Wood, near Lowick

04 June 2021

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service requested logistical support for a wildfire which had started in Kyloe Wood to the north of Belford. Given the area is popular with walkers, climbers and cyclists our support was needed to safeguard members of public who might be in the area.

A limited response was initiated by our Duty Controller with our vehicle from Rothbury and local Team members deployed to assist the Fire Service.

Alongside checking that no members of the public remained in the area, we also utilised our drone to overfly the area devastated by the wildfire and accurately mapped the perimeter of the fire. The wildfire had damaged an area of 40,788 square metres and is a timely reminder of the need to be wildfire savvy when out in the countryside.

The fantastic efforts of the six Northumberland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews involved ensured the fire’s intensity had been significantly reduced by early evening. By darkness the fire and rescue resources were downscaled and Mountain Rescue stood down.

The incident involved 7 Team members for 7 hours.