King’s Hill, Hadrian’s Wall

19 May 2024

Incident Type: Rescue

Just after midday on Sunday, the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust requested Mountain Rescue’s support for a walker who had sustained a lower leg injury on Hadrian’s Wall. North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves immediately deployed to Housesteads as the designated RVP.

Three volunteer members, who had been training in the near vicinity, made their way onto the hill. On locating the walker, medical care was provided and the injury immobilised. They were then assisted to one of our 4×4 response vehicles, which had managed to get within 30 metres of the walker’s location near King’s Hill.

The injured walker was handed over to the Ambulance Service at 14.00hrs.

A swift conclusion to the incident and we wish the walker well for a full recovery. We would also like to thank the local farmer who guided our response vehicle onto the hill.

The incident involved 15 Team members for 3 hours 20 minutes.