10 January 2023

The Police requested the Teams’ support again to continue the search during daylight hours on the Tuesday. It was agreed with the Police Search Adviser that the Teams would focus the search on wooded and open areas slightly further west of Haltwhistle. The Teams were assisted by three air scenting search dog teams, two of which were from Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team. Their support was greatly appreciated especially as the conditions were not as favourable for searching on day two with very heavy rain at times.

Despite everyones’ efforts the incident remains unresolved and with limited further information to redirect the search, the Teams stood down.

The incident 14 Team members and 3 search dogs for 8 hours 10 minutes on this the second day of the search.

Over a 52 hour period the Teams have responded to 4 incidents and provided a total of 409 volunteer hours in support of the statutory emergency services. Our members were kept ‘fuelled’ on Tuesday by hot drinks kindly provided by Eden Lawn Services in Haltwhistle.