Chopwell Woods

20 May 2023

The North East Ambulance Service requested Mountain Rescue’s assistance for a teenager who had sustained injuries whilst mountain biking in Chopwell Woods. The teenager was believed to be some distance away from a drive-able track, however, their exact location was unknown.

Volunteer members from North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves, along with three 4×4 response vehicles were swiftly deployed. As the first member arrived at the RVP, at approximately the same time as the NEAS crew, it was confirmed that the parents of the teenager had located him using Find My Phone. The teenager was being walked out of the woods by his parents.

The NEAS crew on scene assessed the teenager and at this point the Teams were stood down.

Well done to the teenager’s friends who raised the alarm and cared for their injured friend.

The incident involved 16 members for 1 hour.