05 April 2023

Two walkers had set off from Bulby’s Wood car park in the Breamish valley with the intention of climbing Brough Law and then following the hill fort circular route. Unfortunately their day didn’t quite go as planned and a navigational error took them a little off their intended route.

Tired and disoriented the walkers did the right thing by calling 999 to ask for Northumbria Police and then Mountain Rescue. The initial W3W location provided put the walkers on the track just above Ingram Mill which didn’t quite match up with the description of their location. The walkers had taken shelter in an outbuilding of a remote, uninhabited farmhouse. PhoneFind – our location app – was used which confirmed the walkers location as being Chesters.

Two 4×4 response vehicles were swiftly deployed by North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves from Rothbury and Pegswood with five volunteer members on board. Thankfully Chesters can be reached in a 4×4 vehicle by following a 4.5km track from Prendwick Farm over the hills to the north west.

On arrival at the remote farmhouse, the walkers who were suffering a little from the cold were checked over by a Mountain Rescue Paramedic. The vehicles then returned to Prendwick with the walkers on board before they were driven round to Ingram in the Breamish valley.

A good outcome for all concerned.

The incident involved 6 Team members for 3 hours 15 minutes.