27 July 2023

The second incident involved two walkers who had become disoriented in the hills to the south Breamish valley and were now lost and exhausted. The walkers, who were well equipped and had a map with them, did exactly the right thing in the poor weather conditions by dialling 999 asking for the Police and then requesting Mountain Rescue.

With most of our resources at the western end of our operational area, our two response vehicles – Curlew Echo and Curlew Foxtrot – were immediately deployed on blue lights to head toward the Cheviot Hills. A Team member who happened to be in the area of the second incident was deployed onto the hill to locate the walkers. From the information received we were fairly confident they were near Chesters, an uninhabited farm house up above the River Breamish.

With no response to PhoneFind, it was a relief when our Team member located the two walkers at Chesters shortly after 18.00hrs. All that remained was for our response vehicles to head up over the hills to the south from Prendwick to their location. The walkers were then transported back around to their vehicles in Ingram by 19.50hrs, no the worse for their ordeal.

At this point we breathed a sign of relief and headed back to base to refuel and clean the vehicles and dry the wet kit!!

The incident involved 10 members for 3 hours 40 minutes.