Chainley Burn, near Vindolanda

20 January 2024

The North East Ambulance Service requested Mountain Rescue’s assistance for a walker who had fallen in the Chainley Burn valley to the south of Vindolanda. They sustained a lower leg injury and were unable to walk.

Local members were swiftly on scene and provided a ‘shopping list’ of equipment for when the first 4×4 response vehicle arrived at the RVP. They also worked alongside the NEAS Hazardous Area Response Team Paramedics to ensure the injured person was as comfortable as possible.

As soon as sufficient members were on scene, the patient was placed in a winter weight casualty bag and packaged in the Titan stretcher and wheel for the evacuation. While the route in from Vindolanda was shorter, a number of obstacles including duck boarding and stiles meant that the evacuation would be easier to the south. At the nearest road access, the patient was handed over to the NEAS double crewed ambulance.

Thank you to the staff at Vindolanda for being so accommodating and allowing us to park as close to the incident site as possible.

The incident involved 22 Team members for 3 hours.