Blanchland Moor

01 August 2021

Late on Sunday afternoon a male walker sustained an injury and was unable to walk. Due to the location given, the North East Ambulance Service requested Mountain Rescue’s assistance.

A PhoneFind text was sent to confirm the location of the injured walker which was on Blanchland Moor to the south of Slaley Forest. Local knowledge indicated that in all likelihood a 4x4 vehicle would be able to reach the location. North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves deployed two vehicles and a limited response of members closest to the incident was also initiated. The rest of the Team members were held on standby if required.

When the NEAS crew arrived at the designated RVP, they were very kindly transported in an estate worker’s 4x4 to the injured walker. At this point Mountain Rescue resources were then held at the RVP until it was confirmed that NEAS had reached the walker and could evacuate them. At 18.40hrs the Teams were stood down and returned to their respective bases.

The incident involved 8 Team members for 1 hour 30 minutes.