Auchope Shelter

05 November 2022

The refuge hut at Auchope Rigg on the Pennine Way provided vital shelter for two injured competitors in the Trail Outlaws ultra marathon on Saturday. The first competitor fell while descending Auchope Cairn in The Cheviot Hills sustaining a lower leg and lower arm injury. Two other competitors came across the injured male and helped him up onto his feet before he was able to make very slow progress down towards the shelter.

The competitor was assessed and treated by a Mountain Rescue medic before they were packaged onto a Titan stretcher. The stretcher carry to the 4x4 response vehicle in the College Valley was just under a 1km and involved an initial steep descent and then quite a bit of wet, boggy ground. On reaching the Team’s 4x4 vehicle, the competitor was transported down the rough track to Mounthooly, the nearest road access.

The incident involved 8 Team members for 4 hours 5 minutes.