2023 Roundup

It’s been another busy year for our volunteers. This year, we’ve responded to 77 incidents, up from 69 last year.

Of this 77:

  • 40 incidents were rescues of injured / stranded persons in known locations
  • 25 incidents were searches
  • 1 incidents was a flooding event

In our opinion, 16 of these incidents were avoidable.

We’ve assisted 162 individuals (were you one of them?), of which:

  • 3 were climbers
  • 5 were fell/trail runners
  • 27 were walkers
  • 6 were mountain bikers

Our incidents lasted an average 3.3 hours and our longest incident lasted 13.75 hours, 3,968 volunteer hours were spent on incidents.

Our busiest month was September with 10 incidents that month.

We hope that everyone had a happy, safe and peaceful New Year and best wishes for 2024!