On the 17th November 1962, two shepherds perished in blizzard conditions between Alnham and their home at Ewartly Shank in the Cheviot Hills. Following this tragedy, Voluntary Wardens from Northumberland National Park decided to establish a Rescue Team affiliated to the Mountain Rescue Committee (now Mountain Rescue England and Wales) and so the Team was formed.

Originally members were all voluntary wardens of the National Park and required to carry out the duties of a voluntary warden in addition to their comittment to the rescue team.  The team was then known as The Northumberland National Park Voluntary Wardens Fell Rescue Team. The requirement to be a voluntary warden was dropped in 1993, it being recognised that team membership carries with it a large enough comittment without the added responsibilities of carrying out the voluntary warden role.  Team members continue to be volunteers coming from a variety of backgrounds and professions with a common interest in providing an important life saving service. Northumberland National Park continues to support the team.

The largest and longest incident for the team was the search for wreckage following the Lockerbie Disaster in 1988 when our overhead team controlled and co-ordinated the extensive search in Northumberland.  Team members were involved in this incident for a period of three weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.  Assistance in this major incident was called for, and all teams from the north east region (NESRA) responded as did teams from as far afield as the Peak District and Wales.

The team is now known as Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team.

  • Memorial Cairn

    Memorial Cairn

    The memorial cairn errected in memory of Jock Scott and Willie Middlemass, the two shepherds whose deaths in a 1962 snowstorm, lead to the formation of the Team in 1963.  The cairn was errected in October 2007 near the spot they were found.

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    The Cheviots Challenge is a fundraising event in aid of the Mountain Rescue Team. It is designed as a personal challenge rather than a competition.