How to Join

How to Join

Interested in becoming a member?

Please note the team are not currently recruiting new members, please check back at a later date for updates.

If you are a fit and well outdoor person who already has a high degree of outdoor knowledge and skills, are able to navigate in all conditions and types of terrain and generally able to take care of yourself in the outdoor environment, and if you are a team 'person' able to make a contribution but also able to think for yourself and accept responsibility then you have all the basic qualifications required for membership.

An interview will be conducted further to receipt of application forms to further assess an individual's suitability to join the team. If successful at
interview, this will usually be followed by an assessment weekend to check on an applicant's practical outdoor skills and knowledge.

The team train twice per month - one whole day, usually a Sunday, and also one evening. Each member is expected to attend at least fifty percent of all training in order to maintain their skill levels and be active on the call out list. Members are also expected to assist, where possible, in other activities the team are involved in such as PR events, talks etc.

Training typically takes in the region of one year. After a successful training period the trainee will become a full team member and join the call out list.

If, after reading this you are still interested, use the Contact Us page and the secretary will forward you an application pack.

Unfortunately the team are not in a position to take the average person on the street and turn them into a mountain rescuer, there simply isn't the time for this. We do, however, thank you for your interest. You could, if you wished, support the team in other ways by 'Liking' us on Facebook, making a donation or perhaps doing the Cheviots Challenge our annual fundraising event.


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    Please note we are not currently taking applications to join the team.

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    posted on 21st January 2016

    Congratulations to Search Dog Tess on passing her assessment and becoming a fully fledged member of the team.