Third Response Vehicle

Third Response Vehicle

Over the past year the Team have been busy fundraising for a third response vehicle for NNPMRT which will be strategically positioned in Rothbury, closer to the identified incident hot spots. This will enable us to get specialist equipment to a rescue involving injured persons more quickly, reducing response times by on average 30 minutes.

The new vehicle will improve essential services for the rural community, improving access to pre-hospital healthcare particularly for those living, working and engaging in outdoor pursuits in the more remote areas of Northumberland.

Vehicle Details
The new third response vehicle will be a Toyota Hilux which is currently being converted by Pickup Systems Limited and will look similar to the vehicle in the main picture above.

It will have 4x4 capability, high ground clearance and be suitable to carry the driver plus up to four team members. It will have a secure cargo area for essential technical rescue, medical and casualty care equipment, plus team members’ personal kit.

Equipment to be carried in the third vehicle will match carried in the Teams two existing response vehicles and will include.

  • Medical equipment would include an advanced medical response pack, defibrillator, oxygen, Entonox, vacuum mattress, heavy weight casualty bag.
  • Technical rescue equipment would include a light weight stretcher, climbing ropes, climbing hardware and ground anchors.
  • Additional hill party equipment would include casualty bags, emergency shelters, torches and incident command vests. 

(* Please note that the above vehicle image is only representative of the Team's third response vehicle)

Funding Awarded by the following



The Heart of Northumberland Tourism Association

Heart -northumberland

NCC Community Chest Fund

Ncc -communitychest

  • Build Update #1

    Build Update #1

    Here’s first sight of the specifically designed back system which will fit onto the third response vehicle.

    More photos will follow as the project progresses. The project was only made possible with the support of the below organisations and the generosity of the general public.


  • Build Update #2

    Build Update #2

    The development of the team's third rescue vehicle continues apace. Some of our team members recently visited Pickup Systems Ltd to check on the progress of Curlew Echo. 

    Once again a big thank you to those at Northumberland LEADER and the Community Chest Fund as well as everyone who drops coins into our collection tins.

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