Team Vehicles

The team currently owns two Landrovers, a Defender 110 Station Wagon and a specially converted 130 to our own design. Both are winch equipped and carry the familiar orange and white chequerboard decals signifying Mountain Rescue.

Both vehicles are registered and equipped as Ambulances, complete with 'Blues and Twos' lights and siren, and are able to be easily configured to accept and transport a casualty on a Moutain Rescue Bell Stretcher.  Both vehicles have been adapted to our needs and are able to carry a large amount of equipment and personnel in order to make a rapid and effective response to any incident or call-out.

In addition to these two Landrovers we also have a mobile incident response trailer which again has been specially converted for our needs.  It is able to act as a control base from where an incident can be co-ordinated and briefings can take place, when away from a suitable building, and carries everything necessary to facilitate this including a generator, radios, maps etc.  This trailer has also been adapted to transport team equipment such as casualty bags, radios, radio masts, tents etc.

We are currently in the process of replacing our 110 Station Wagon as our present vehicle nears the end of its useful working life with us.  Vehicle replacement is an ongoing and costly process at the best of times but to make a vehicle suitable for the particular demands of mountain rescue work there are many additional conversion costs.

  Insid Mobile 013     Insid Mobile 006

A view of the left and right hand sides of the rear compartment showing part of the conversion and the stowage of specialist rescue equipment.

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