Training the Team

All members are highly skilled in search operations and mountain rescue techniques, ensuring the best possible service to the lost and injured.

To maintain this high level of skill, training exercises are held each month, usually on the second Sunday. This training will be either an incident type exercise (a simulated call out) or workshops focusing on particular skills. Night exercises are regularly held in the winter months. We also meet on the last Tuesday evening of each month usually at Police HQ in Ponteland. On these evenings we run workshops on all aspects of team practice and operations or catch up on the latest theory.

Team members are expected to attend as many training exercises as possible, indeed on-going membership is dependent upon an attendance rate of at least 50% of all training offered.

Continuous training over the year is designed to ensure each team member maintains a high level of competence in the following skills considered essential to being an effective team member:

  • Search tactics and techniques.
  • Search group leadership.
  • Communications.
  • Casualty Care (advanced first aid).
  • Stretcher management and the safe extraction of the casualty.
  • Technical rescue - steep slope and crag.
  • Use of all team equipment.
  • Working with search dogs.
  • Aircraft operations.

Developing Advanced Skills

In addition to normal training many members take on further commitment to train and develop advanced skills in:

  • Basic Casualty Care.
  • Advanced Casualty Care - to advanced mountain rescue level.
  • Search Dog handler - become members of SARDA and will travel to assist teams throughout the country.
  • Advanced technical rope rescue.
  • Incident Management - the skills necessary to control and direct a search and rescue operation.
  • Emergency response and off road driving.

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Latest News

  • Trainee Recruitment

    posted on 11th October 2017

    Please note we are not currently taking applications to join the team.

  • Search Dog Tess

    posted on 21st January 2016

    Congratulations to Search Dog Tess on passing her assessment and becoming a fully fledged member of the team.