Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Team members are all active outdoor people, walkers and climbers who have chosen to 'put something back' into the activities they enjoy, by volunteering their time and skills to provide a Mountain Rescue Service in Northumberland.  Members come from a wide variety of professions and live throughout the Northumbria Police area.  Members also vary in age.  Our insurance dictates that age eighteen is the youngest whilst seventy is the oldest in order to be elligible for full team membership.  Typically younger members tend to be in their early twenties as this allows some time to gain the, all important, outdoor skills and experience necessary to begin training as a Mountain Rescue Team Member.

Below you will find pictures and some background information of those team members who are happy to share this.

Committee Members

  • Dave Waters

    Joined the Team in 1980 as I enjoyed the outdoors and was a keen fell and hill walker.I wanted to give something back and to help people. Since then I have been a fundraiser, the training officer and chairman and have now been re -elected to that role


    Team Secretary for the last 20 odd years.

  • Iain Nixon

    Having completed my Duke of Edinburgh Award service section with the Team, I became a full team member in 1989. Over the years I have held various positions of responsibility, including Training Officer and Members Rep, and have previously been a graded Search & Rescue Dog handler. I am married with two children, having met my wife through Mountain Rescue!

Team Members

  • Chris Hobbs

    I have been a full team member since 2011 and am currently the Communications Officer.

  • Dave Browning

    Been a team member for 25 years,in that time I have been treasurer for over 10 years, deputy leader and Team leader.I am married to Gaynor and have 2 kids and work as sales manager for Photo taken when I was team leader and shows even out sledging with the kids the team phone is never far away as all the past and present team leaders know only to well.

  • Jamie Pattison

    Now this is the story all about how, my life got flip turned upside-down, and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I became a member of a team called NNP... (Instrumental) In Mid Northumberland, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days, Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, studied at uni after school, then for a couple of years I was up to no good, started getting bored in the neighbourhood, I got into the team and my mum was proud and said "you're definitely going to stand out of the crowd" I waited for the truck and when it came near the number plate said NNP and there was a sign on the mirror, if anything I could say that this truck was cool, but I thought "Ah forget it, yo homes, to Hethpool!" I pulled up to up to the job about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the driver, "yo homes, see you later" Looked at the team, I was finally there, wearing my jacket as a team member.

  • Colin Bennett

    Team member since 17th birthday, work hard play hard outlook. Likes the mountains , obviously, skiing, sailing and cycling, plus any other outdoor opportunities.

  • Carl Hamilton

    I've been a team member since 1985 and have served in many different roles including Equipment Officer, Members Rep, Deputy Leader and Team Leader. I qualified as an advanced mountain rescue casualty carer (then known as MR Paramedic) in 1990 and maintained this qualification, re-certifying every two years, until 2003. I have represented the team at a regional level and represented the region at a national level. I have been involved in many incidents (call-outs) throughout my membership and continue to gain a lot of satisfaction from giving something back and helping others. I am married, have a five year old daughter and live between Bellingham and Otterburn in the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland.

  • Pete Roberts

    Joined the Team in 1974, currently Team Leader (for the second time!). In 1998 co-founded with Dave Perkins (Team Member) The Centre for Search Research (see links) to foster research into search and rescue (SAR) related topics and to teach search management and field skills courses nationally and internationally. Have presented at SAR conferences throughout the UK, US and Canada.

  • Tim Macdonald

    Operational Paramedic with North East Ambulance Service - based in Wooler and living in Rothbury. Left school to join the Royal Navy prior to heading down the Paramedic route. Initially became involved with the team assisting with event cover and providing some medical advice - until deciding that I would like to become a full team member. A very rewarding role where you can "make a difference" to those in need.

  • Andrew Jenkins

    Andrew joined the Team in January 2014 and went onto the callout list in December 2014. Since April 2015, Andrew has been the Team's Press Officer. Professionally, he is an electrical engineering researcher in the field of smart grids at Newcastle University, whilst working towards a PhD. Andrew is also a director of Kinewell Energy. In his spare time, Andrew is a freelance Summer Mountain Leader and an accredited Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition Assessor.

  • derek

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