The team carries a large amount of specialist equipment in order to carry out our mountain rescue roll and provide the most effective and professional seeming service to the lost and injured.

This equipment includes:

  • Medical Kit  (more info)
  • Vehicles (more info)
  • Control trailer
  • Communication equipment (mobile phones, pagers, radios, masts etc)
  • Specialised Mountain Rescue Stretchers (Bell, Scoop, MIBS)
  • Technical rescue kit (ropes, karabiners, descenders, ascenders etc)
  • Shelters (KISU's, tents, large group shelter etc)
  • Winter Kit (snow shovels, avalanche probes etc)
  • Access equipment (bolt-croppers)
  • Generator

Individual Equipment

Each team member is responsible for supplying most of their own personal kit, rucksacs, boots, clothing etc.  Their is a certain amount of equipment which is issued to each full team member at the teams expense.  This includes:

  • Team Jacket (outer waterproof)
  • Team Jacket (midlayer)
  • Helmet
  • Cas Straps
  • High Powered Torch
  • High Visibility Waistcoat and Rucksac Cover

As you can imagine there is are significant and on-going costs involved in purchasing new equipment, maintaining existing equipment and replacing old and worn out or out of date equipment.  A mountain rescue stretcher for example costs in the region of £2000, a fully converted vehicle is approximately £50,000 and just to equip a team member with their individual kit is around £500!

If you are able to help us with these costs your support would be very much appreciated - simply click on the 'Donate' button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.  Thankyou.

  • Getting Ready

    Getting Ready

    Preparing for a Search

    A typical search group of three fully trained team members preparing to embark on a search.  They are supplementing their own personal kit with a range of team equipment which will enable them to begin to care for and stabilise a casualty should they make a find.  This group kit includes first aid kit, group shelter, insulating mat, casualty bag and at least one radio per group. This extra kit is shared is shared amongst the group for carrying.

  • Landrover


    Our Newest Landrover

    Registered as an ambulance and fully converted to fulfill the mountain rescue roll.  This vehicle can carry a large amount of equipment and personnel and is very capable over rough terrain.  It can be easily configured to carry a casualty on a mountain rescue stretcher and is also able to act as a radio relay station if necessary being fully equipped with appropriate radios and a telescopic mast.

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